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The cross-training program on mental health and addiction disorders offers interdisciplinary and intersectoral training activities and observational internships.

20 years
of expertise


The cross-training on Mental Health and Judicialization: issues surrounding service trajectories
, organized in collaboration with the CICC and the (RÉ)SO 16-35,
is available for free online viewing (in French).

In this episode of “Parlons Douleur,” we meet Dr. Michel Perreault
and Léonie Archambault, coordinator and doctoral student. We explore their journey, challenges, and experiences, as well as what drew them to topics such as mental health, opioid use disorders, and addiction.

Now available to read online : “The current state of knowledge on care for co-occurring chronic pain and opioid use disorder: A scoping review”

Cross-Training Activities

Discover our cross- training activity implementation guides

For over 20 years, we have developed various tools to administer the cross-training program.

We have compiled them into guides aimed at easing the process for teams wishing to organize a cross-training activity.

Check out our Toolbox to learn more!
* Available in French only